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Promotional Calendars and Planners

Why advertise with calendars? See our reasoned explanation below.

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The Power of Calendar Advertising

1. Calendars are appreciated.

People appreciate calendars at home and in the workplace. They place a tangible value on them, and will go out of their way to obtain one. We often have individuals contact us about purchasing just one of a particular style calendar that they had received for years from a particular advertiser but did not get this year.

Because calendars are appreciated, calendar distribution builds goodwill. The calendar becomes a symbol of the company's friendly image, creating a favorable and lasting impression. Recipients come to expect and look forward to the advertiser's calendar at the start of each year.

2. Calendars are useful.

Because of its usefulness and attractiveness, a calendar has value and is considered to be a gift. People will purchase retail calendars if they don't receive them from advertisers.

With calendars, your advertising message is welcomed and kept in homes and offices where other forms of advertising might no be tolerated or simply thrown away.

3. Calendar advertising grows business.

Advertising calendars are your personal sales representatives, working for you all year long in homes and offices...where buying decisions are made... letting those people who are important to your business know:
  • who you are
  • what you do
  • how you can be reached

Your calendar is received as a gift at the end of the year and is used many times a day as an important personal and business planning tool.

Your message stays with your customers every day of the year, thanking them for yesterday's business and asking them for business today. You won't get that with an internet banner ad or a 30 or 60 second commercial spot.

Your customer will be reminded of your thoughtfulness throughout the year.


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